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You can be assured that the courses offered at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America combine the best of new and ancient therapeurtic methods, ensuring that our curriculum remains on the cutting edge.

  • A strong personal growth and post-graduate support system enables our students to confidently transition into professional practice.
  • NO previous college credits are necessary to take this course.
  • Payment plans are available.
  • You may download a pdf of our current catalog or call us toll free 1-877-983-1515 for costs.
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    Our Executive Director, Tim Simmerman is a former nationally registered paramedic and teaches hypnotherapy students effective accelerated healing and pain erasure hypnotherapy techniques. Some applications include hypnodontics, surgery preparation, childbirth with hypnosis and more.

    Hypnotherapist Training Classes

    250 Hour Certification Course/Hypnotist Training
    By completing the modules before the next heading (250 hours of training) and successfully passing the certification exam, you earn Certification as a "Hypnotherapist" with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

    Fundamentals of Hynotism/Hypnotist Training

    This course teaches students the principles and practice of hypnotism. Accurate information on the safe, effective use of hypnotism is revealed.

    The academy prides itself in teaching the widest variety of induction styles, suggestibility testing methods and deepening techniques. This ensures that even the most analytical client achieves a therapeutic trance state.

    During this phase of the training, you will become proficient in the most powerful self-hypnosis and meditation techniques for your own personal growth. The latest hypnotic speed-learning and knowledge retention technologies are taught to unlock your inner genius.

    This course includes "Claiming Your Invincible Nature," an adventure experience that will help you step safely beyond self-imposed limitations.

    Master Hypnotist Training

    With this course, you will become skilled in the proper formulation of suggestions to ensure that reception is not blocked by unconscious resistance. We explore the Ericksonian style of hypnotherapy along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and metaphor usage.

    You will learn many skills for working effectively with clients, and will be given a blueprint for developing a successful hypnotherapy practice.

    During this course, you will participate in the Academy's self-esteem program which will help to ensure your success.

    Hypnotherapist Training

    During this phase of the training, you will learn how to address the original, unconscious motivators of negative feelings, attitudes and behavior and then transform then. You will study and perform dream analysis, analytical hypnotherapy, gestalt techniques, emotional clearing and attitude restructuring. Age-regression therapy is an integral part of this course.

    Clinical Hypnotherapist Training
    400 Hours Available

    Certification as a "Clinical Hypnotherapist" requires at least 300 hours of instruction. Add Natal Regression Therapy or Accelerated Healing and Pain Control to earn this professional designation. See Descriptions below.

    Prenatal Regression and Healing the Inner Child

    Hypnotic age-regression methods to uncover and enable healing of the inner child, inner parent and inner adult relationships are taught in this course. You will learn methods to access and heal traumatic childhood experiences as will as various emotional reparenting techniques.

    Accelerated Healing and Pain Management/Medical Hypnosis

    During this course, you will learn hypnotherapeutic psychoneurophysiology techniques using the mind for pain erasure and accelerated healing. Procedures are presented that can be used for one-on-one therapy or for groups dealing with health issues.

    Past Life Regression Therapy (Elective)
    (This course is not required for certification.)

    Past-life therapy resolves issues that do not readily appear to have current-life causes and issues that have not met resolution through other therapeutic means.

    Upon completion of this section, you will be proficient in one-on-one past-life regression, group past-life regression, and the rarely taught duel regression for taking couples back in time simultaniously. Future-life progression and higher-self or supeconcious-mind contact will also be explored.

    All our classes are approved for continuing education and refresher training.

    If you have questions or would like further information, please email or call us at our toll free number.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying:

"The quality of material taught combined with the live demonstrations and supervised practice creates a level of training excellence not found at any hypnosis school on the entire East Coast. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE TRAVELED to New Mexico for my certification training."

Elaine Hoyo
New York City, NY

"I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge, experience and love that Tim Simmerman so freely shares with his students and the world. Through hypnosis MY WORLD IS OPENING UP BEYOND MY DREAMS!"

Sandy Breeding, CHt
Olympia, WA

"Patrick is awesome! He was a SENSATIONAL TEACHER AND COACH for me. Patrick has an exceptional way of making all the material for this course just "sink right in." He knows the right way to "break apart" the procedures and make them seem like second nature. From Parts Therapy to N.L.P., his vast knowledge of all the various tools used in Hypnotherapy make him the most profound instructor I have had the pleasure of witnessing. I am so glad that such a professional spends the time needed to assist others in learning in a way thatís personally tailored for each student.Ē

Jayme James, CHt
Santa Fe, NM

"I am happy I took this class. I am more complete personally and, I AM AN EVEN BETTER THERAPIST NOW! I plan to teach psychiatry residents these techniques."

Dr. Hillary Wynn, Psychiatrist, CHt
St. Thomas Island

"Iíve learned more valuable information and acquired BETTER TOOLS FOR LIFE in just five weeks at the Hypnotherapy Academy than my $110 thousand dollar, four-year education at Vanderbilt University!"

Justin Millar, CHt
Denver, CO

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